Fall 2020 Virtual Days

Teacher's office hours
Zoom Meetings Daily Please follow classroom schedule

Mr. Snyder Class Schedule

Classes Will be held on Zoom and/or Google Classroom

Remember that after each synchronous virtual class assignments are required for completion. Each class is 30 minutes but is scheduled such that each student may be required to meet and complete work directly after each class.



Daily Virtual Meet Up

Class Title


                8 - 9:30 

Office Hours 

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10 - 10:30

Math 4


12 - 12:30



1 - 1:30

Math 3


2 - 2:30

Math 3

2:30 - 3:45

Office Hours

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Learning Management System (LMS) being used I will be using Google Classroom and other resources such as zoom, goformative, quizizz. Because of the many resources that we use during class, I will email out the lesson by 9am each morning. The lesson will have links and should be set in a friendly arrangement.
How to contact the teacher Email: Matthew.snyder@bcsemail.org phone: 828-775-1320 Zoom: code will be emailed to parents and students