Class Syllabus

General Math Syllabus

Instructor:  Mr. Matthew Snyder

Phone Number: 828-775-1320

Virtual Schedule

Mr. Snyder Class Schedule

Classes Will be held on Zoom and/or Google Classroom

Remember that after each synchronous virtual class assignments are required for completion. Each class is 30 minutes but is scheduled such that each student may be required to meet and complete work directly after each class.



Daily Virtual Meet Up

Class Title


                8 - 9:30 

Office Hours 

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10 - 10:30

Math 4


12 - 12:30



1 - 1:30

Math 3


2 - 2:30

Math 3

2:30 - 3:45

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Course Content: 

Piecewise Functions

Absolute Value Exponential and Inverses Polynomials Modeling with Geometry Rational Functions Circles and Geometry Trigonometry Statistics
Math 4

The primary focus of this course is on functions and statistical thinking, continuing the study of algebra, functions, trigonometry and statistical concepts previously experienced in NC Math 1-3. The course is designed to be a capstone to introductory statistical concepts. Additionally, the course intentionally integrates concepts from algebra and functions to demonstrate the close relationship between algebraic reasoning as applied to the characteristics and behaviors of more complex functions. In many cases, undergraduate students majoring in non-STEM fields will take an entry-level Algebra or Introductory Statistics course. Students will be prepared for college level algebra and statistics or as a bridge to prepare students for Precalculus or other advanced math courses.


Course Materials AND your College Behaviour Readiness: You are responsible for making sure you have sharpened pencils, your Buncombe County Computer, a organized notebook, headphones and paper ready at the beginning of each class. Bathroom use is should be limited to your 15 minute break between classes. 


 Your College Behaviour Readiness

  *Notebook and computer being out and ready in the first 5 minutes of class.

  *Being in class on time.

  * Making sure you use the bathroom on your breaks rather than during class.

  *Participating during the entirety of class. 


BCMC uses a normal 10 point scale:

A = 90-100% 

B = 80-89% 

C = 70-79%

D = 60-69% 

F = below 59%

Class: Percentages

  1. POD: 33%
  2. Classwork: 33%
  3. Test and Quizzes 34%

Any late work turned in more than one school week from absence can earn up to a maximum of 70%.


Classroom behavior:  BCMC is a unique school in a college environment.  You were admitted to this school in part because we think you are mature enough to handle more freedom than a typical high school student.  It is my expectation that you will act like college students: come to class on time; be prepared to participate during class; treat yourself, your classmates, and your teachers with respect; and take responsibility for staying caught up with the class material.  You should familiarize yourself with all A/B Tech campus policies and be prepared to follow them.  


*Excessive tardies will be referred to administration

*No food or drink in the classroom per AB-TECH handbook

*Cell phone use is prohibited unless needed for educational purposes. Cell phones will be collected if seen being used in the classroom and returned at the end of class.

Attendance:  Buncombe County Schools require you to attend at least 85 days to receive credit for taking this class. If you miss more than five days of class, you are in danger of failing the course, no matter how high your grade is.  Attendance is crucial for staying caught up with the material presented in class.  

Tardiness:  Tardiness is disruptive to the class and disrespectful towards your classmates and instructor.  If you are tardy to class more than three times, you will serve one hour of detention. 

  • Due to the the scheduling of Middle College there is minimal excuse for tardies. Please be aware the excessive tardies will result in discipline referral and contact with your parents. 

Cell phones:  Buncombe County School Board policy forbids the use of cell phones during classes.  Phones must be turned off and put away before you enter the classroom. If I see or hear a cell phone during class I will confiscate it for the rest of the period.  If you have an emergency (ie: babysitter home with sick child) and need to be reachable during class, speak to me BEFORE class begins.

Communication:  It is my goal that you enjoy this class, understand the material, and finish the semester feeling confident about your math skills.  If you are frustrated or anxious about your ability to succeed in this class, or if you have any other issue you’d like to talk to me about, please let me know so we can find a way to make sure you get your needs met.