Rhodes, Jason

I was born in Los Angeles and lived in California for awhile, but I mostly grew up in Henderson County. I graduated from North Henderson High School in 1994 and began a Communications degree at Appalachian State that fall. When I was a teenager I dreamed of being on Saturday Night Live so I looked at a degree in a field where I was on the radio and making videos to be a good start.

While waiting to learn if I had a job at a TV station in Tennessee, I began substitute teaching at my old high school. I immediately fell in love with it as I just got along with teenagers. I decided to return to App and get an English degree, mostly because of the connection of writing and my Communications classes. After that and completing my student teaching I realized I wanted to just live and get new experiences so I moved to New York City. I worked for an investigations firm monitoring organized crime in construction. Don't ask how I got into that unless you have some time because it's a long story:) Two notable project I worked in were monitoring the clean up of the World Trade Center, and collecting evidence for prosecuting the head of the electricians union working mostly at Madison Square Garden.
At night I worked on my Masters in English Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. I loved New York, but connected with kids in North Carolina as that's where I'd grown up and I started at Reynolds High as a half-time teacher in 2005. I was there a year and moved to West Henderson High for a full-time English job. After a great seven years there, I moved into teacher training for NCDPI, and then became the Assistant Communications Director for Buncombe County Schools in September 2013. The two and a half years I spent there were great because I learned so much about the great schools and teachers in this county. 
I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with myself for awhile. I didn't know if I wanted to stay in education or go into communications elsewhere, so I began taking real estate classes and I ended up taking a job as a teacher at Balfour Education Center in Hendersonville. I wanted to give teaching one last shot before I walked away. The job working with an at-risk population rejuvenated me and I knew I was where I belonged, but the school moved farther away, and I was driving over an hour a day total and I wanted to spend that time with my kids, so when the job for Middle College English teacher was posted I leapt at the opportunity and after a week of being here I am so excited about it.
I love baseball, and have been a lifelong Dodger fan and Lakers fan. I love to read, but the entirety of my heart belongs to my beautiful wife, Alison, who is a counselor at Reynolds Middle, and my two awesome kids Ellie (5) and Sam (2). They have completed me in ways that I can't even comprehend at times.