Course Overview

Physical Science Curriculum

Teacher  : Mr. Tom Copeland


Overview: Students will investigate the methods of science through scientific inquiry. Students will learn the fundamentals of the laws of physics and the foundation of chemistry. Students will understand how these processes influence their everyday lives and how science is an integral part of society.


I.                   Scientific Inquiry


A.    Students will learn the process of scientific inquiry through the use of proper experiment methods. Students will design and conduct scientific investigations to answer questions related to earth and environmental science.

B.     Students will analyze reports of scientific investigations.



II.                Force and Motion           

A.    Measure and mathematically/ graphically analyze motion using frame of reference, uniform motion, and acceleration.

B.     Investigate and analyze forces as interactions that change motion.



III.             Energy

A.    Investigate and analyze storage of energy. Including kinetic, potential, and thermal energies.

B.     Investigate and analyze transfer of energy by work.

C.     Investigate and analyze the transfer of energy by heating.

D.    Investigate and analyze the transfer of energy by waves.


IV.             Electricity and Magnetism

A.    Students will investigate and analyze the nature of static electricity and the conservation of electrical charge.

B.     Investigate and analyze direct current electrical circuits.

C.     Investigate magnetism and the practical applications of magnets.



V.                Properties and Structures of Matter

A.    Atomic Theory

B.     Atomic Structure

C.     Identify substances through the investigation of physical properties.






VI.             Chemistry

A.    Periodic Table

B.     Bonding of elements and compounds

C.     Chemical reactions

D.    Indicators of chemical changes

E.     Solutions

F.      Radioactivity