Virtual Days


Hopefully, you found your way to this page without any trouble. I will do my best to reduce your stress with navigating the online learning experience. 

Students in my classes have been using technology for instruction for awhile now. They each have Google sites and already have access to Google Classroom, which is the primary method of instruction. 

To help you assist your student with their online learning I am providing the access codes and instructions for joining the online classroom. 

Instructions for Accessing Google Classroom

Follow these steps to access a classroom. This will provide you with the same level of access as students:

1. Enter in the browser this URL:

2. In the upper right hand corner there is a ‘+’ sign. Click on the ‘+’ and

3. Select: Join a class

4. Enter the provided class code below for the subject your student is enrolled:

American History II class code: 4ujkfzk Civics & Economics class code: rs5lkgu

I encourage you to contact me by any of the methods provided here if you have any issues or questions. I am available throughout the day from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

We will get through this challenging time by working together.


Keith Bogardus


Note: You can find the syllabus for each class below. Do note that due to virtual learning the content and expectations will need to be modified.

American History II Civics & Economics