Our Mission

School Mission Statement

It is the mission of Buncombe County Middle College to provide a flexible, productive learning environment to serve the diverse needs of our student body. Their achievement is measured in their ability to complete High School graduation requirements and bridge the divide between their high school careers and adult lives.
School Belief Statement

Positive relationships are the foundation of a successful learning experience.
Students should be given the opportunity to make connections in the community to build networks of support.
High school students who are placed in a college environment will be more likely to continue with higher education after leaving high school.
Cooperation and teamwork among students and with faculty builds responsible citizenship values and skills.
Every student deserves support and encouragement from his or her school and community on the journey to adulthood.
It is necessary to use a variety of learning experiences to empower students to become self-directed learners.
Small teacher to student ratios increases productivity.
School Motto
"Your Bridge to Opportunity"