Some differences between Middle College and traditional high schools are:
  • Middle College classes are held primarily in the afternoon.
  • Middle College classes take place on the AB Tech Community college campus.
  • Middle College students can earn tuition-free college credit while also earning high school credit.
  • Middle College tries to offer small classes, averaging 18 students (or less).
  • Middle College does not offer many of the comprehensive services found in traditional high schools such as sports, art and music, clubs, and many social events (sometimes arrangements can be made for Middle College students to take part in these events at their district high schools).
  • Students must provide their own transportation to Middle College

  • Middle College diplomas ARE THE SAME AS all other NC high school diplomas.

Expectations of the students

Middle College adheres to the same principles of relevance, rigor, and relationships as all Buncombe County high schools. Middle College is a special program for students who show the academic ability, the maturity, motivation and good decision making needed to succeed in a college setting.

High school classes are taught by high school teachers. Yet Middle College students must be able to meet high academic standards, and handle responsibility for themselves with less supervision, like college students.

To be a good candidate for Middle College, students need to show they can achieve the following:
  • Regular attendance
  • Being on time
  • Completing assigned work by deadlines
  • Maintaining a minimum 2.5 GPA in Middle College high school classes.
  • Getting along well with others
  • Showing respect to our AB Tech hosts

Prerequisites for attendance

Before attending Middle College students should successfully complete:
  • Health/PE
  • English 1
  • English 2
  • Minimum Math 1 and Math 2
  • Algebra 1 and Geometry
  • Earth / Environmental
  • American History 1 
  • World History
  • Try to have a pathway completed or Foreign language requirement met.