Application Process

Graduation Requirements

High School Class Offerings

Middle College students must meet Future-Ready Core graduation requirements and earn 22 high school credits to graduate.

See below for course offerings and Elective Course Requirements.

 Classes taught at Middle College:

  • Math III and Math IV 

  • English III and IV 

  • Physical Science

  • Biology 

  • Chemistry

  • Civics & Economics  

  • American History I (offered when resources allow) 

  • American History II

  • World Languages - Spanish I, II, III, IV, Heritage Spanish I and II, Chinese I and II (offered with Early College)  

Some of the courses listed above may be taken as dual enrollment courses at A-B Tech. A student earns both high school and college credit upon successful completion of a dual enrollment course. Students that meet GPA requirements are advised to take dual enrollment courses. 

Middle College does not offer the following courses required for graduation. Students need to have earned these credits prior to transferring.   

  • Math I and Math II 

  • English I and English II  

  • Earth and Environmental Science 

  • American History I (offered when resources allow) 

  • World History 

  • Health and Physical Education 

  • Electives courses (these are offered through A-B Tech or NCVPS when available)

Students with FF or incomplete final grades on their transcript may not transfer until those credits are earned. 

Future Ready-core Elective RequirementsMiddle College students must meet Future-Ready Core graduation requirements with a concentration of elective courses. If students have not completed elective requirements before transferring, those can be earned by taking courses through A-B Tech in the student's desired career or transfer pathway. GPA and testing benchmark requirements must be met for students to be eligible to take these courses. 

A-B Tech Course Offerings  

A-B Tech offers a variety of academic pathways for high school students that will pursue two or four year college programs after high school. All Middle College students are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to take college courses tuition free while still attending high school at Middle College. As a NC Cooperative Innovative High School, Middle College is able to offer career certifications and college transfer pathways to our students through our partnership with A-B Tech. 

College Transfer Pathways

Career-Technical Pathways