Class Syllabus

General Math Syllabus

Instructor:  Mr. Matthew Snyder

Phone Number: 828-775-1320

VIDEO SUPPORT: Link to my youtube channel Mattdoesmath. All content taught is supported through video links on my youtube channel. Feel free to use the channel to complete assignments, study and on individual open notes Quizzes




Welcome to Early and Middle College Mathematics! This syllabus is designed to give you a quick overview of the schedule and expectations for class. Please be aware that this syllabus may change as the school year progresses. I will communicate any changes as we work together through the year. 


Online Applications:

    Your class will be in person, but most assignments will be posted through links on our classroom page. Your classes googleclassroom code is posted in the table for the regular daily class schedule.  We will use many online resources including classkick, quizizz, goformative, desmos and flipgrid. Classkick will be used for daily assignments and learning modules. Videos are embedded into every classkick to support learning in class and for homework completion.PLEASE HAVE HEADPHONES FOR YOUR COMPUTER DAILY. Quizzes and warmups will be posted primarily on or goformative. Mastery assignments of student demonstration will often be student made videos on flipgrid. 



Regular Daily Class Schedule:

  • Early release schedule and Friday interest group schedule will be posted soon



Class Title


                8:30 9:55 

Class Code: iq7pnrh

          Math 1



Class Code: 

          Math 1


11:25 - 12:30




Class Code:



2:10 - 4:00

          Office Hours


Course Materials AND your College Behaviour Readiness: You are responsible for making sure you have something to write with and a STYLUS, your Buncombe County Computer, a organized notebook, headphones for your computer, calculator,  and paper ready at the beginning of each class. 



BCMC uses a normal 10 point scale:

A = 90-100% 

B = 80-89% 

C = 70-79%

D = 60-69% 

F = below 59%


Class: Percentages

  1. LAUNCH : 20% (quizizz or in person warmups)
  2. HOMEWORK: 20% goformatives
  3. CONCEPT: 30% (classkick or desmos learning modules)   
  4. ASSESSMENT& SPIRAL REVIEW: 30% (quizizz, goformative assessments and flipgrid mastery)


Any late work turned in more than one school week from absence can earn up to a maximum of 70%. 

I will reopen Quizizz games as redo’s they will remain open for 10 days. Once the redo’s close they will not be reopened.



Classroom behavior 

In person:

    Be on time and ready to learn. You will have a quick warmup daily that counts as a launch grade. You want to make sure you are in class and completing this assignment immediately. Make sure that you have your supplies daily….  Computer, Headphones, notebook, pencil. We have a lot of material to learn, so be ready. 



  In the uncertainty of these times and school closures I have left my 2019 virtual norms posted below. On our google classroom the zoom link is posted in the class school closure occurs. 


  1. Join virtual meeting on time!
  2. Enter the virtual classroom with camera on and microphone off
  3. Raise your virtual hand to ask questions or type question in chat box
  4. Participate and be a positive influence in all breakout sessions.
  5. Cell phones, video games, and tvs turned off.
  6. Be ready in a designated work area. If you don’t want the group to see your room place your computer facing a wall. Then decorate the wall behind you.

Attendance:  See Attendance Page


Tardiness:  Tardiness is disruptive to the class and disrespectful towards your classmates and instructor.  You may even miss part of the participation grade associated with the group break outs and classwork completed during the virtual classroom.


Cell phones:

In person: Cell phones during class are prohibited. You are responsible for keeping all cell phones out of site and put away. 


Virtual: I know that being on a virtual classroom is significantly different from the norm. Please turn off tv’s, video games and cell phones while in class. Make sure music is not on and/or in you ears while we are attending class. This is a major distraction that could definitely impede on your learning.

Communication:  It is my goal that you enjoy this class, understand the material, and finish the semester feeling confident about your math skills.  If you are frustrated or anxious about your ability to succeed in this class, or if you have any other issue you’d like to talk to me about, please let me know so we can find a way to make sure you get your needs met. 

Another form of contact to parents is the daily lesson plans. They should receive them as well.