Senior Project

Mentor Form and Log

North Carolina Graduation Project Mentor/Parent Consent Form

Mentor Consent:

I am willing to serve as a Mentor (Expert in the Field) for _______________________________

while he or she completes North Carolina Graduation Project. I have been given a copy of the letter outlining the duties and responsibilities of an Expert. I realize that this student will need to meet with me regularly throughout the semester while completing the Practical Experience portion of the NCGP. I understand that my responsibilities as an Expert include verification of the time the student actually spends in hands-on work with the Project or Practical Experience. I also understand that I could be contacted in order to give an honest assessment of the student’s progress on his/her project.


Place of Business _________________________________________

Job Title: ________________________________________________

Phone Number ___________________________________________

Email Address: ___________________________________________

How do you know this student? ______________________________




______________________________ Mentor Signature

______________________________ Date

Attach a business card here if available

Parent Consent:

I consent to the above individual serving as a mentor for my child, ___________________________

for the purpose of fulfilling the requirements of the North Carolina Graduation Project.

______________________________ Parent Signature

______________________________ Date












Mentor (Expert in the Field)Verification Log for:

Student’s Name:_________________________________________

The student must meet with his or her Expert regularly throughout the Practical Experience process.

Please have the Expert initial your activities at each meeting. The Expert Verification Logs will be checked and graded on designated days.


Date of Meeting


Mentor’s initials

Student’s initials