Copeland, Tom- Science

Welcome to my Classroom
Tom Copeland
school phone: 828-775-1405

Mr. Copeland graduated in science education at the University of Missouri way back in the winter of 2003. While in college I spent my summers guiding wilderness trips in the wilds of Minnesota and Canada. After graduation, I went back up north and led winter trips for a bit, taking kids ice fishing, dogsledding, and snowshoeing. Right after that I decided to hike the Appalachian Trail, a 2000 mile trek from Georgia to Maine. Yeehaw!! 
Then I headed out west and worked at an environmental learning center way up in the mountains. Somewhere in the mix of that I paddled from Minneosota to the Arctic Ocean with a few buddies. It was 1500 miles, and we had some good times.
These days you can find me in Asheville making pottery, building wood furniture, hiking, or mountain biking with Mr. Justen and Mr. Snyder.
I'm also very into gardening, and have a plethora of vegetables and fruit trees on my property and in 2011 started a garden at Middle College for our students.
Professionally, I am working on my Master's of Education in Science Education. I have already taken some great classes concerning the ecology of North Carolina, and look forward to sharing this new knowledge with my students.
I hope the science nerds out there enjoy my website and check out my cool science web links.