Rhodes, Jason- English

Welcome Students and Parents,

   I am excited for this new school year even though we are still dealing with challenges from Covid. This fall I have the opportunity to teach 10th grade Early College students as well as a Middle College English IV class. This will help me grow as a teacher, meet new students and broaden my horizons.

  The bulk of my work with 10th grade this year will be units where we explore how science fiction reflects reality, how people's behavior can be affected in groups, the lure of power through Shakespeare's Macbeth, and what does it mean to be truly free.

  English IV will focus on research and persuasive writing, with a focus on British Literature through the Canterbury Tales, poetry, and much more. One of the things I look forward to every year is reading Cormac McCarthy's, The Road, with students. It is universally popular, and something I learn from each time I teach and read it. Believe it or not, I've been down that road over 40 times now.

  Below are a sampling of things we might read in my English III and English IV classes.

11th Grade Literature:
Of Mice and Men
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
American Lit from Native American to current writers like George Saunders and Jesmyn Ward.

12th Grade Literature:
The Road
Sing Unburied, Sing
Sample works of Shakespeare
The Canterbury Tales

Contact Info
Email: jason.rhodes@bcsemail.org
Phone: 828-776-0561

I have been so excited to be a part of the Middle College family for almost four years now. I have taught at Reynolds High, West Henderson High, Balfour Education Center, and now here. After several years in traditional settings and then working in administration for four years, I took a chance and worked in Henderson County's alternative school Balfour, which is now HC Career Academy. I love the alternative environment and I jumped at the opportunity to be here at Middle College and close to home. I was fortunate enough to be named Buncombe County Schools' Teacher of the Year for this 2020-2021 school year and also received that award in Henderson County in 2010-2011.

I teach 11th and 12th grade English. We cover a large variety of American literature in the 11th grade, write a twelve-page autobiography, and work and learn on our critical thinking skills. In 12th grade our primary focus is British literature, the research process and the senior presentation.

I love baseball, and have been a lifelong Dodger fan and Lakers fan. If 2020 had something great it's a title for both of those teams! I love to read, but the entirety of my heart belongs to my beautiful wife, Alison, who is a counselor at Reynolds Middle, and my two awesome kids, Ellie (8) and Sam (5). They have completed me in ways that I can't even comprehend at times.