Report Bullying Form

Report Bullying

This form is for anonymous reporting of bullying incidents that occur by any Buncombe County School employee or student during school hours or at any school sponsored activity. In most cases, bullying of students should first be reported directly to the principal of the school. If you are not comfortable reporting directly to the school, please answer a few short questions:

1. The school/facility where the incident occurred:

2. The exact location of the incident: (for example: the cafeteria, bus, classroom)

3. Name of person(s) being bullied:

4. Grade Level: (if applicable)

5. Teacher of the student: (if known)

6. Was the incident observed by or reported to anyone?

7. If the answer to question #6 was YES, who observed or knows about the incident?

8. Brief description of the incident:

The information provided will be investigated within 24-48 hours of this report.

If you would like feedback about the reported incident, please provide a contact number or email where we can respond; however, this information is not required.

9. Contact Phone Number: (828-000-0000)(optional)

10. Contact Email: (optional)


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